Monday, 30 March 2015

Landed safe in Yerevan, Armenia

Landed safe in Yerevan Armenia. The main colours are grey and green. Green grass covering grey soil. On the outskirts near the airport it's all communist housing blocks that look like commission housing or like 2-3 storey blocky things that are falling down. However, we're staying at a hotel close to the centre. The centre is all grand buildings in pink stone and water fountains.

Tom was really good during the flight from Melbourne to Dubai (14h), sleeping on Lee maybe 8h. And really good while 'wait our turn' for most of the day. Made some friends while waiting for the Yerevan flight by sharing his car and chasing the friend's balloon. He was also a main attraction heading to Yerevan for his 'beautiful eyes' and blond hair. Plus he's all cute.

Second flight was a bit of a shock as it was the budget airline partner, so no food and no entertainment and no special treatment for parents - Tom decided he wouldn't sleep that leg - luckily it was only 3h. (I was counting down.)

Most people surprised we are heading for work because there is very little at the moment. Met a graphic artist getting on the plane who lives in Dubai to work, but would move in an instant if work in Armenia.

Home from dinner and all exhausted. Tom fell asleep before his food even arrived. Waiter provided chairs so that Lee could eat.

Photos failing to upload, sorry.

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