Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A walk through the park from the office - d3 Yerevan

An exhausting day for Mum as Lee and mates were back to work. We caught a lift to his work so that we could find it should we need to, then walked back to the hotel in time for lunch and a sleep (nearly 2km).

There are parks everywhere throughout the well designed city. Many are not well tended, but that may be because winter is just finishing. I can only imagine this place in summer - there are ponds and water fountains everywhere! None are in use now as the water would likely freeze overnight. All the parks are filled with closed carnival rides - pure agony for a nearly 2 year old in search of a play ground.

We joined some elder citizens at their outside exercise equipment which I classified as playground.

Tom continues his reign as resident 'angel'. Being handed candy by strangers, asked his name and touched all the time. Unfortunately he is starting to expect it after just 3 days. I shudder in expectation of landing in England in 2 weeks.

Massive stack on his scooter today: down a ramp and smack face first into a wall, fall off and crack back of head onto tile floor. Mum is still recovering. Tom seems fine after initial impact.

With rain forecast all day, we were lucky to not have a drop on us, despite a hail storm about 4.30pm, we even had sunshine.

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