Monday, 30 March 2015

Day 2 in Yerevan, Armenia

Today was Sunday, although you wouldn't guess it from the number of workers.

The hotel is on the corner at an intersection and our room is on the corner of the hotel so we have a great view from our wrap around balcony. Two of the three other corners are building sites, both of which were in action today, and one is still going now at 7:30pm - more than 12h.

All the shops too were open, with hours like 9am-8pm. I am guessing it's an indication of the economy that working hours like that in a shop 7 days a week is necessary.

Today was Palm Sunday, so we saw lots of people in their Sunday best heading to church. The women and girls were wearing vine wreaths on their head and many people were carrying branches of cherry blossom buds.

Tom was a superstar everywhere we went, with people trying to touch him and kiss him, tousle his hair, pinch his cheek, press his nose. He was the only naturally blond person we saw all day. He is curious about and enjoying the attention, but not loving the strangers who grab him. There was one older lady who grabbed him either side of the head and laid a bunch of kisses on him, as soon as he was released he was out the door without looking back.

Luckily he hasn't been picked up for riding his scooter everywhere. He's very attached to it and is now steering around corners (thank goodness). We went past a local square where you can hire bikes and electric cars. It appears that most families can't afford bikes, so you hire one to learn on.

Based on the popularity and childhood fear of dogs at the park, they are also rare.

A big day today. It will be different tomorrow when Lee and the other men head to work. They'll be able to walk a bit faster for one!

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