Thursday, 3 June 2010

We have a place to live

We just moved into our sweet new pad in Clapham

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Its close to the tube (0.6 miles: 1km), training (0.7 miles: 1.2km), league (0.7 miles) and work (a nice 5.5 mile ride: 8.8km)

Some pics of the place below.

Our House in London

We got a 2 bedroom place because we know that lots of you will be coming to visit, make sure you get your dates in early to reserve a bed.

Ill put up some info on how to get here from the airport soon.


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  1. Looks choice. You better believe I'm going to see if I can't pay I visit. I'm forever told that dear old Londres is My Kinda Town. Glad you guys have a nice little place of your own, now.