Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Information for Visitors


I thought I would post this here so I wasn't sending the same email to everyone who is coming to visit.

Our Address: Flat 2, Crescent Court, Park Hill, London, SW4 8HR (Map)
Information for people not used to UK addressing: Crescent Court is the name of the building not the street. The street you enter our place off is Rodenhurst Road and its on the corner of Park Hill and Rodenhurst Rd

Travel in London
I have been here for a while now and have used the public transport system almost entirely to get around. The first thing to get to make travel on the tube and buses easy is to get an Oyster card (http://www.visitlondon.com/travel/oyster/), you will be able to buy this at the airport, and it seems that you might be able to buy it online before you arrive.

On the tube you need to touch on and off and the fare is calculated based on where you have travelled. On the bus it is a flat 1.20 fare. There is also a National Rail, which goes all round England, but it also has to be used to get to some areas of London, the Oyster card works the same as on the tube on the National Rail.

Travel to our place from Heathrow

The closest tube station is Clapham Common and the bus that will get you the closest is the 137.

There are a bunch of different ways to get to my place from the airport. The easiest and cheapest way is to take the tube, here are the steps.

Tube Only

Heathrow - Take the Picadilly Line towards Cockfosters, change at Green Park
Green Park - Take the Victoria Line towards Brixton, change at Stockwell
Stockwell - Take the Northern Line towards Mordon, get off at Clapham Common

Walk from Clapham common to our place (Clapham Common to Our place Map) Bout 15 mins

National Rail, Tube and Bus

Heathrow - Take the National Rail Heathrow Express towards Paddington
Paddington - Walk from the Paddington National Rail Station to the Paddington Tube Station, take the Circle Line towards High Street Kensington, get off at Sloane Square
Sloane Square - Take the Bus 137 from stop C, get off at Clarence Avenue/Kins Avenue Stop

Walk from the bus stop to our place (Bus Stop to our Place Map) bout 3 minutes

Tube and Bus

Heathrow - Take the Picadilly Line towards Cockfosters, get off at Knightsbridge Station
Knightsbridge - Take the Bus 137 from stop KK, get off at Clarence Avenue/Kins Avenue Stop


Take a taxi to our place

That is all I am going to post for now, put in the comments any other information you want us to provide.


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