Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wonderful Copenhagen

"Don't be cheeky about being cheeky" - mother overheard in Copenhagen airport (..which I suspect is vivid preview of my future)

The excitement of going to a new place can never be quelled and is usually very contagious - and so it was that I arrived in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen reminded me of the Netherlands - the abundance of bicycles, the clean streets and, as all European cities, the well-dressed women. I arrived as the golden sun was setting, and explored with my excitement and the warm (it's all relative!) temperature making it
feel like a summer festival.

The streets were wide and (as already mentioned) clean. The buildings were pretty much all 3 stories high and very blocky (square) but in a way that made them impressive rather than boring. There was an exhibition of photos from all over the country in one of the main squares, which together with the golden sun had me cursing myself for choosing not to bring a camera (based on my recent posts I'm sure you're questioning this too).
A local arts guide I picked up in the airport had a picture of Aussie Queen Mary dressed in her finery, so I was on the lookout for anything palace-like. I think I attributed the parliament house as somewhere that might be suitable.

I didn't see too much more of the city, as my primary purpose for being there was to play frisbee - the Wonderful Copenhagen tournament (insert exasperated sigh from my mother here). It was our first tournament of the season and the team started to gel together and improve with each game. It's one of the best tournaments I've been to over here as the food was supplied and deliciously catered. Similar to our regular training pitches, the fields were rock- hard, but a win in the final made all the soreness worthwhile.

It was a great chance to get to know my team mates a bit better and to see a little of Wonderful Copenhagen.

(Photos taken on my phone)

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