Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Belgium - Bruges

"Bruges is so picturesque it's sickening" - Michael Baker
After this recommendation and an awesome time in Brussels, I was really looking forward to visiting the 'Venice of the North'.
I had just come from Venice, so I can pretty easily say, they're notall that similar. Bruges does have a few canals, but not nearly as many as Venice or even Amsterdam. Plus the architecture in Venice was on a whole other scale. Living in Venice appears to be quite physical - if the only way to get produce in is via boat, there are no cars and you need to get your shopping home by walking over a hundred bridges, I imagine you'd have to be physically fit, just from all the walking and lifting. Bruges, on the other hand, has cars and bikes. While the label "Venice of the North" is poorly coined, it is a pretty city in its own way.

I will let you make the call on just how picturesque it is.

Now we're heading back to London, work and my birthday tomorrow with a bag full of smelly washing and the hope that the UK border agency will let us into the country.
(Don't worry Mum - the fact that this is posted means we're at home) 

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