Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Spring has sprung - Yerevan

Today showed all the promising signs of spring and summer setting in. Girls in skirts and dresses, water in the fountains and beautiful sun shining weather.

After lunch we (I) had every intention of visiting the portrait gallery. We set off with scooter down the central promenade where the fountains were freshly filled and running. At the top we met a little girl called Rita, of a similar age, who was fascinated first by Tom (kissing his hands and then pinning him for cuddles and kisses on his cheek) and then by his scooter. Tom shared very well until hunger hit and then Rita headed off too.

By that stage it was too late to cross the road to the gallery as it was time to head towards Tom's haircut appointment. This was a kids specific hairdresser - perfectly set up. Tom was in a car, had an option of watching cartoons or fish, or playing with the helicopter he had taken in with him. He was perfectly still to start with and stayed pretty still the whole time. The hairdresser was excellent: engaging, quick, aware of what might scare. The experience cost us 2000AMD ($6 AUD) and recommended children's hairdressers to me for the immediate future.

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