Friday, 24 February 2012

Same, same but different

It's been a while since I've posted and in that time we've been acclimatising back into life in Australia.  In many ways we have just slotted back into where we were.  On the Frisbee side, I am lucky enough to be playing with Sporting Team Box Athletico United (luckily there have been no additional words added to the title since I left) and Lee has rejoined Chilly.  Both teams have evolved in the time we have been away, but as always there are big plans.

Lee is working at Praemium on Collins St again.  Praemium moved us to London and back again, so this is not surprising.  His role has evolved to include more management, leadership and, as a result, responsibility. His involvement and enthusiasm for work has doubled and I can see that he'll really reap the rewards.  I have also been offered some work by my previous company too, so I may be working within throwing distance of Lee again.

We are back in our place in North Carlton, realising just how beige it all is, how much stuff we really don't need and trying to work out how to get rid of the excess.  Our big plans to renovate are crawling along week by week.

As for cultural and social differences between Australia and the UK, I haven't noticed too many in addition to what I've noted previously - except maybe a propensity to play more country music - something that I'm not really complaining about.

Some lessons I am rediscovering about Australia, is the need to apply sunscreen every day, wearing a hat and walking in the shade.  I don't know if I'm sweating more than I used to, but I'm certainly noticing it more.  It's only 35 degrees!  I feel sorry for Lee who has to wear long sleeves everyday - although he does also roll them up everyday.

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