Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Christmas Cup in Karlsruhe

Our final weekend of travel while living in London was a fun indoor tournament in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Highlights from the weekend included:
  • The Oxford (a student bar) where we ordered 50 shots and 1.2kg of schnitzel, plus four other meals for 6 of us;
  • Ensuing various degrees of drunkenness and stages of hangover on Sunday in particular;
  • Getting lost in the forest within the campus (on arrival and for Alex, also after the party);
  • A €60 taxi ride that was more like €90;
  • Off-roading in the return taxi;
  • "Have you met Alex";
  • Gluwein (pronounced glue-vine, a German version of mulled wine);
  • Girls scoring multiple goals against men;
  • French Sunday and the new call "le Spec" (short for the totally invented French word "le speculative", a dubious creative (edit by Lee) long option to be shouted from the sideline.
Some of the best fun you can have while wearing a Christmas hat and a Santa costume.


  1. Haha, brilliant, completely captures the weekend!

    Don't forget about Le Rain, aka our friend Lorraine, who also made an appearance on French Sunday!

  2. Plus as much maultaschen that we could eat (meat or vege mix sealed in a pasta packet and cooked in a stock broth) - Yum!

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