Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sailing in the Greek Islands

Day 1
Shopping for drinks and food
Feel like like superstars when we see our boat
Set sail around 3
Arrive at Aiginos in time for golden sunset
Take our place in busy dock
Understand a bit better how moorings work to prevent dominoes damage
effect of boats.
Fish dinner in the town with horse carts going by
Still hungry so order more from local kebaberie
Go to sleep listening to local nightclub
Full moon

Day 2
Wake up to sound of church bells for Sunday morning mass
Rhys fishing
Wander through town
Fresh figs
Floppy hat
Flying fish
Swim for flying hat
Jumping off boat, catching discs
Swim to beach
Paddle bat with tennis ball on beach
Sail to Poros
Cook chicken and salad and mushroom and corn for tea

Day 3
Wake up early and wander through town - see email to mum and dad -
Maria name day - many wearing white
Wifi connection
Sail out of town and when wind dies swim in the middle of nowhere with floaties
Arrive in bay
Moor to rocks
Build fire
Goats with bells
Spaghetti bolognaise for tea
500 most of night

Day 4
Paddle in bay until lunchtime
See big houses and big boats
Moor in bay outside a beach for swim and explore
Sea urchin spines, Muscles the Crab, transparent little prawns in cave
rock pool beside beach.
Spiez overnight. Quiet taverna for tea.
Zombies on the walk back to boat

Day 5
Actually sailing today at some speed
Realised the reason/importance for some of the fixtures (eg steps with edges)
Stopped in a bay for a swim: Lu and pete late back to the boat
Accordion of boats strung to each other with ropes. Climb over a
series of boats to get to the dock
Mooring we were as useful to Janos as butterflies on a buffalo
Jumping off rocks
mojito overlooking bay as the sunset
Tipsy photos of sunset
Dinner in a green lit garden
Cats everywhere
Game of jungle speed and download photos before bed

Day 6
Some trouble when our anchor was picked up by neighboring yacht, and
some trouble when we picked up someone else's chain
Big swell and wind straight into our face meant we motored and sailed
at the same time.
Lee didn't have breakfast otherwise he would have seen it again, as it
was he saw stomach lining
Bit of a trigger for the rest of us, but luckily no-one followed his footsteps
Motored through the big swell, as the wind died down
Lunch and Swim next to boat in quiet cove
Motor in to .. To take 3rd last spot at dock
Training throw and game on artificial court grass - feels good to get
moving as quite stiff
Dinner: cheese pie (sold out in all other places), Greek salad, kilo
of lamb chops and baklava saved for tomorrow
Big orange moon as we came back to boat

Day 7
Early morning (9-ish) training on rubber crumb
Fresh bread and punnet of figs
Sail to quiet cove - first time on our own for a final swim, walls
built on the hillside
Rhys catches more fish
Motor-sail back in to Athens - each having a go behind the wheel/helm
for a photo
In to athens for a real (if cold) shower before dinner in Mikrolimano
- hunger drove us to eat in the first place we saw - bad choice as our
worst dinner yet in Greece.
Sleep in dock overnight

Day 8
Early start to make our way to Venice .. Via Istanbul.

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