Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day trip to Brighton and the London Marathon

With our passports being securely kept at the home office, and a midweek day trip to Sheffield, we decided to spend our last non-frisbee-weekend-until-September seeing some local sights.
Saturday we caught the train direct to Brighton with our bikes to experience the seaside. I use the term 'seaside' on purpose as there is no sand, just a mix of charcoal, beige and rouge rocks. Very pretty in their own way. An hour long walk with my new camera saw us 50m up the beach.

I'm very lucky to have a very considerate and patient husband.

Refueling with fish and chips, we head in the other direction towards the pier with its rides and fairy floss, a very entertaining magician and Henry IV's summer pavilion. A cup of 'sipping chocolate' was our supply for a bike ride along the beach, which increased the travel distance and time between photos. A very enjoyable photographic day for me. There is no going back to my previous camera..

Sunday we checked out the London Marathon. An inspiring number of people in costume. Most people were running for a cause - Oxfam, nurses, kids with leukemia, cancer, rhinos. There was a Will and Kate in wedding finery, numerous gladiators, fairies and a few soldiers carrying packs. One guy was even carrying a washing machine. There was a real festival atmosphere, which combined with Anke (my workmates)'s enthusiasm, has prompted me to consider running one myself. Our day was topped off with a BBQ feast with Tim and Tara.

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