Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Winter is coming..

Where Australian parents are teaching their kids to not touch snakes and apply sunscreen, English kids are being taught about how to avoid frostbite.

Some of the obvious signs that Winter is on its way are:
i) The sign going down at 4.30pm and it being dark by 5pm.
It's a bit of an adjustment - reminding yourself it's not late night shopping, the hairdresser is working normal hours.

ii) The dropping temperature.
Lee and I stocked up on winter clothes at Decathlon in preparation to our trip to Darlington on the weekend (to visit Nick and Cat). My concern realised over the weekend was that I was wearing all of my winter clothes, and it's only autumn..

iii) The leaves.
Monday last week the trees outside our apartment block were a picture of autumn colours. By Wednesday, there was a thick carpet of leaves (great fun!) and the trees were bare. With such a quick transition, I raced to photograph the fading opportunities at Clapham Common. I've posted our favourites on my Picasa web album.
From 20101104 Autumn in London

iv) Skirts are getting shorter.
Hang on... No, can't explain that one.

Note to self: To avoid frostbite, do not pour hot water on freezing cold hands.

1 comment:

  1. Nice photos of the leaves. I've been really enjoying the leaves here too, colours that we just don't get back in Australia.
    Good luck with keeping warm. My strategy is layers, hot chocolate and only going out for short periods.
    Has it snowed yet? We got snow last weekend. brrrr...
    Time to get some indoor hobbies: indoor ultimate starts tonight!