Friday, 7 May 2010

How to tell that I'm a foreigner

Let's skip past the easy clues (carrying a big camera, on all the tourist trails, slightly lost look, weird accent..)

1) Face up instead of face down while walking (more often neck craning up)

2) Fascinated with embellishments: cornices and other building beautification, guilding and fancy work on lamp posts (so much so, I've decided I'm going to dedicate an album to it - I dedicate it to grime)

3) Wearing 5 more clothing layers than anyone else and still looking cold

4) "Beautiful day" means more than 10 minutes of the sun shining and more than 15 degrees!

5) Assumes that vehicles will only drive in the left hand lane in two-way traffic

6) Plays Spotto with CCTV cameras along the street.

7) Teeny tiny milk (1 quart)
From 20100507 Exploring London

..I'm sure there'll be more to come

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